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Disaster Planning and Recovery

  • Tuesday, October 20, 2020
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Online - Virtual Meeting via WebEx (Separate WebEX Registration is Required)


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Disaster Planning and Recovery

Presented by

Kimberly DeCola

of  City of Austin


Disaster Planning and Recovery


Key Points:

  • How to identify vital records and who needs to be involved
  • How to assess regulatory requirements and current processes along with new processes needed for the protection of the records
  • How to complete a risk assessment to enhance the vital records plan by identifying the hazards to existing repositories

What is a disaster plan and how do I get one? Have you ever asked this question? Or maybe the company has a plan but you aren't sure how to roll it out. Have you had a disaster? Did you know what to do? Please join me for a session on Disaster Planning and Recovery. We'll talk about how to get a plan put together, how to get it implemented in the company and more importantly, how to prepare a recovery. We'll also look at pictures of some real-world disasters.

About Kimberly:  

Kimberly DeCola has 13 years of records and information management experience and has been a Certified Records Manager since 2016. She has worked for the City of Austin for over 17 years and currently oversees the Information Management program at the Austin Convention Center.

Kim previously worked in establishing the City Records and Information Management program by providing consulting services and training to City departments. Her areas of expertise include disaster planning and recovery, training, education, long-term preservation, risk management and compliance.

Kim is a frequent presenter and has worked with the Texas Department of Information Resources, the Association of Continuity Planners-Austin Chapter, Austin ARMA and ARMA Houston on Disaster Planning and Recovery and served as a disaster recovery expert for war games exercises at the 2018 and 2019 Innotech conferences.

This will be a virtual meeting and presentation!

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